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MUT 20 Zero Chill Program Part III: Include Rob Gronkowski and More Challenges

Madden 20 Zero Chill part 3 has arrived! Just yesterday, Madden released a limited-availability (in packs) card for Khalil Mack of the Chicago Bears. On Monday, December 30, they added a stellar new Rob Gronkowski card carrying the same OVR as Mack's card. In addition, several other new player cards were revealed. Below you can find a breakdown of all new players and the challenges introduced in today's update. For an overview of the first part of the Zero Chill Program, click here . For an overview of the second part, click here . Gronkowski is one of 18 new Madden 20 Zero Chill part 3 players. You can complete the equipment required for 94 ZC Cameron Jordan, 93 ZC DeSean Jackson and 92 ZC Arik Armstead to get ZC Gronkowski. Upon completion, you will get a choice of 1 NAT version of the player used in the set and 95 OVR Rob Gronkowski and his power-up item. 95 Rob Gronkowski (Master) Ratings: 98 Pass Protection 94 Run Blocking 91 Red Zone 97 Receiving 95 V

Madden 20 Team of the Week 15: C. Carson, K. Clark, and LTD A. Harris

Team of the Week 15 has been released by EA, with many deserving players receiving newly-upgraded cards, featuring Heroes Chris Carson and Kenny Clark. The contents of Week 14 can be viewed here. Both hero players can be found in the auction area of ​​ Mut Coins . Anthony Harris is this week's LTD player after the Vikings defense held the Chargers offense to just 10 total points. LTD Harris is only in packs until Thursday, 12/19 at 10 am ET and is not Power Up eligible. Check out all of this week's TOTW 15 items below: FS - LTD Anthony Harris - 93 OVR After helping the Vikings beat the Chargers to win, Harris scored a decent 93 OVR card. The key attributes of the item include his 94 Play Recognition, 92 Pursuit, 91 Zone Coverage, and 91 Hit Power. His card is a limited-time availability card in the packs but will be available in the auction browser. Ratings: 90 Man 97 Zone 89 Jump Ball 96 Range 93 Hands 94 Run Support 93 Physical HB - Chris Carson (92 H

Madden 20 Veterans Players: Golden Tate III and Cameron Wake

As Madden Ultimate Team fans await the reveal of the new NFL 100 players on Friday, there's a pair of new veteran players now available. Today's latest Veterans are New York Giants' Golden Tate III and Tennessee Titans' Cameron Wake. Here are more details about their new Madden 20 Veterans items, including the cost of purchasing them. Golden Tate III (89 WR) Golden Tate Tate is a Slot WR with average ratings and is probably best suited for theme teams. Tate receives a new Madden 20 Veterans item with 89 overall ratings and Power-Up in Ultimate Team. Tate's key attributes include 88 Jumping, 87 Speed, 86 Short Route Run, and 84 Catching. Ratings: 92 Vertical Threat 76 Jump Ball 88 Slot 71 Possession 87 Run Blocking 93 RAC Cameron Wake (89 LOLB) Joining him is left outside linebacker Cameron Wake who has been in the league since 2009. Wake played the majority of his career with the Dolphins before recently joining the Titans' defense. C

Madden 20 NFL 100 Players: Lawrence Taylor and Bobby Bell Now Available

Each and every week, the NFL is revealing players for their NFL 100 All-Time team. Just last Friday, they revealed a number of star running backs including  Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith . In Week 2 of the NFL Top 100 Program, EA released Deacon Jones, Alan Page, Bobby Bell, and Lawrence Taylor,  the four best defensive linemen/linebackers ever. Each player has 3 different versions: Power Up, Base Version, and Centennial Version. The Centennial Edition for each player can be obtained by completing their set that requires 25x ANY Week 2 Top 100 Base Players. Here are the top four NFL 100 player cards and their full ratings. Deacon Jones (94 OVR RE Centennial) Ratings: 96 3-4 97 4-3 92 Mobility 97 Pass Rush 81 Coverage 98 Run Stuff 97 Physical Alan Page (94 OVR DT Centennial) Ratings: 72 3-4 99 4-3 99 Mobility 99 Pass Rush 95 Run Stuff 95 Physical Bobby Bell (94 OVR LOLB Centennial) Ratings: 95 3-4 99 4-3 91 Range 90 Pass Rush 99 Coverage 9