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How Do I Buy Mut Coins On our Website?

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Madden 20 Theme Builders 2.0 Program: How to Get Offensive and Defensive MVP Player Cards

As of Friday, February 21, the Madden 20 Theme Builders 2.0 program has officially arrived. Featuring Solo Challenges, Store items, New Sets, and 7 new player items for each of the 32 NFL teams! Each team has a variety of new player cards available to help boost the squad's overall ratings. Check out the full list here and you'll find offensive MVP, defensive MVP for each team, and more details about the plan. Each team has an offensive and defensive MVP player card, and they bring twice as much chemical power to make them better. Players can also use Madden Training for other upgrades. THEME BUILDERS 2 coming tomorrow (2/21) — MUT news (@mut_news1) February 21, 2020 Madden 20 Theme Builders 2.0 Players Bears - Allen Robinson & Kyle Fuller Bengals - Tyler Boyd & Carlos Dunlap Bills - John Brown & Jordan Poyer  Broncos - Courtland Sutton & A.J. Johnson Browns - Jarvis Landry & Sheldon Richardson  Buccaneers - Mike E

New Madden 20 Ultimate Legends: B. Dawkins, D. Dierdorf, and LTD Too Tall Jones

Three brand new Madden 20 Ultimate Legends cards dropped for last weekend featuring Brian Dawkins, Dan Dierdorf, and LTD Ed Too Tall Jones. Take on each of today's non-LTD Ultimate Legends to earn a Skill Position player and their Power Up Player items. Here are more details of the new Ultimate Legends items now available in Ultimate Team. Each Ultimate Legend has a Boss Edition (97 OVR), 2x Game Editions (93-95 OVR), and 3x Skill Editions (87-89 OVR). Their overalls are 97 and they feature Power Up as well as extra chemistry and ability options. Check out the previous Ultimate Legends players, Chuck Bednarik and Kurt Warner . FS Brian Dawkins 97 Legends Boss Brian Dawkins has a 96 Hit Power, 95 Pursuit, 95 Play Recognition, 94 Zone Coverage, 93 Speed, and 90 Tackle. Ratings: 87 Man 97 Zone 87 Jump Ball 95 Range 92 Hands 98 Run Support 98 Physical RT Dan Dierdorf 97 Legends Boss Dan Dierdorf's card features 97 Pass Block, 96 Pass Block Power, 95 Run B

Madden 20 Super Bowl MVP: 99 OVR Patrick Mahomes Card Available in Ultimate Team

Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions! On Sunday night, it was Madden 20 cover athlete Patrick Mahomes guiding his team to a second-half comeback. With all that said, Mahomes and the Chiefs won the Lombardi Trophy with a 31-20 victory. Here's the latest news from the big game, and what the Madden 20 video game means. Your Super Bowl LIV MVP has arrived at Madden Ultimate Team! Patrick Mahomes improved the Chiefs' offense in the fourth quarter, scoring three consecutive times and winning a comeback victory in the 49ers 31-20. Compared to his 94 OVR Ghosts of Madden Present item, MVP Mahomes can now gain the following skills: Escape Artist, No-Look Deadeye, Fastbreak, Gunslinger, and QB Playmaker.  Check out the Super Bowl MVP Mahomes and his full rating below: 99 OVR Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Ratings: 99 Mobile Passer 99 Pocket Passer 99 Deep Ball 99 West Coast 93 Scramble The Chiefs achieved a second-half comeback victory thanks to third-year quarte