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Madden 20 Tributes Cards: Antonio Gates, Luke Kuechly, and New Legends

The recent retirement news involving Carolina Panthers defensive star Luke Kuechly shocked the sports world. In honor of two legendary NFL and Madden careers, EA has released Madden 20 Tribute items for Antonio Gates and Luke Kuechly! Both Gates and Kuechly can be found in packs for a limited time until 1/20 at 10 am ET. Check out both Madden 20 Tributes below: TE Antonio Gates- 97 Antonio Gates announced his retirement on January 14 after playing for the Lightning from 2003 to 2018. In honor of his retirement, his Madden 20 Tribute card brings a 97 overall rating. The item also features 97 Catching, 96 Catch in Traffic, 94 Spectacular Catch, and 90 Short Route Run. The speed is 87, but there is the possibility of Power Up, and MUT gamers can help him. Ratings: 93 Pass Protection 86 Run Blocking 99 Red Zone 99 Receiving 98 Vertical Threat MLB Luke Kuechly - 97 Kuechly won Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2012, then went on to win Defensive Player of the Year in 2013

New MUT 20 Flashbacks: Randall Cobb and C.J. Mosley

As Ultimate Team gamers await the reveal of Madden 20 Team of the Year, Randall Cobb and C.J. Mosley join today's Flashbacks program. Both players come rated in the 90s bringing gamers some more options to insert into their MUT rosters. Check out new items and their full ratings below: In addition, several new Football Outsiders players were also made available in Ultimate Team including Breshad Perriman and Kenyan Drake. WR Randall Cobb - 92 Joining Flashbacks is current Dallas Cowboys star, Randall Cobb. Cobb’s 2015 Week 3 performance saw him get seven receptions for 91 yards and three touchdowns in a 38-28 win over the Chiefs. Cobb flashes back to 2015 during his time with the packers, which brings him a 92 OVR item for Flashbacks. His card features 91 SPD, 92 ACC, 92 AGI, and 91 CTH ratings. Ratings: 92 Vertical Threat 79 Jump Ball 96 Slot 88 Possession 76 Run Blocking 96 RAC MLB C.J. Mosley - 93 C.J. Mosley takes us back to 2017 when he was still a

Madden 20 Team of the Week 16 and 17 Program Revealed

On Tuesday, January 7, EA has released Team of the Week for Week 16 and Week 17, two Team of the Week were both unveiled on Thursday. Due to the recent busy holiday season and Zero Chill promotion, there were none of these teams revealed in recent weeks. The LTD player item for Week 16 is Mark Andrews and the Week 17 LTD item is Michael Gallup, featuring Heroes Saquon Barkley, Fred Warner, Joe Mixon, and Deion Jones. LTD items are both available in packs until 10 am ET on Thursday 1/9 and have quick sell values of 250,000 Mut Coins . Check out all of the latest TOTW 16 and 17 items below: ◢ Team of the Week 16 ◣ TE - LTD Mark Andrews 94 The Baltimore Ravens' strong team, Mark Andrews, led by 94 cards. His new product is a limited edition card packs in TOTW. Key features of Andrews include 92Catching, 89 Catch, 88 Speed and Spectacular views. Ratings: 91 Pass Protection 93 Run Blocking 87 Red Zone 96 Receiving 98 Vertical Threat TEAM OF THE WEEK (week 16)

Madden NFL 20 Playoffs Program Overview, New Legends, and Ultimate Challenges

As anticipated, the Madden 20 NFL Playoffs are underway. The new Ultimate Team promotion features over 85 new player cards including at 90 overall or better. In addition, they’ve rolled out a brand new series of Madden Ultimate Challenges to play for a special reward. Below you can find an overview of all the knowledge about the latest programs of Madden Ultimate Team (with New Legends at the end): A complete list of all new Madden 20 playoff players can be viewed on MUTHEAD . Masters To get the Bailey item, you need to put together a set of any three AFC Playoffs Heroes. To get the Owens item, you’ll need a set of any three NFC Playoffs Heroes. After completing any setup, you will receive the player's Master items, their Power Up and a Fantasy Pack containing the 3x NAT Playoff heroes you selected from the Master's respective conference. CB - Champ Bailey 96 Ratings: 98 Man 96 Zone 87 Jump Ball 98 Range 90 Hands 93 Run Support 87 Physical WR - Terrell Ow