Madden 20 Veterans Players: Golden Tate III and Cameron Wake

As Madden Ultimate Team fans await the reveal of the new NFL 100 players on Friday, there's a pair of new veteran players now available. Today's latest Veterans are New York Giants' Golden Tate III and Tennessee Titans' Cameron Wake. Here are more details about their new Madden 20 Veterans items, including the cost of purchasing them.

Golden Tate III (89 WR)

Golden Tate Tate is a Slot WR with average ratings and is probably best suited for theme teams. Tate receives a new Madden 20 Veterans item with 89 overall ratings and Power-Up in Ultimate Team. Tate's key attributes include 88 Jumping, 87 Speed, 86 Short Route Run, and 84 Catching.


  • 92 Vertical Threat
  • 76 Jump Ball
  • 88 Slot
  • 71 Possession
  • 87 Run Blocking
  • 93 RAC

Cameron Wake (89 LOLB)

Joining him is left outside linebacker Cameron Wake who has been in the league since 2009. Wake played the majority of his career with the Dolphins before recently joining the Titans' defense. Cameron Wake is a Power Rusher with a 90 PMV rating, and his card includes 90 Power Moves, 87 Play Recognition, 87 Acceleration, and 86 Strength.


  • 8 3-4
  • 79 4-3
  • 81 Range
  • 92 Pass Rush
  • 76 Coverage
  • 70 Hands
  • 84 Run Stuff
  • 96 Physical

Gamers can obtain the new Madden 20 Veterans Tate and Wake cards randomly through packs in Ultimate Team Store. Veterans packs sell for 2,000 Madden Training currency, and each pack contains an 86+ OVR Veterans player item. As of this report, it had a starting bid of 135,000 Coins and a Buy Now price of 136,250 Madden Coins.

The other option is to hit the Madden 20 Auction Browser.  Players can buy the Madden 20 Veterans Training Pack, try random scores, or use a large number of cheap mut coins to purchase a single player.

What do you think of the Veterans released today? Click here for Madden 20 news about the ultimate team and other updates about the game.


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