Madden 20 Team of the Week 15: C. Carson, K. Clark, and LTD A. Harris

Team of the Week 15 has been released by EA, with many deserving players receiving newly-upgraded cards, featuring Heroes Chris Carson and Kenny Clark. The contents of Week 14 can be viewed here. Both hero players can be found in the auction area of ​​Mut Coins. Anthony Harris is this week's LTD player after the Vikings defense held the Chargers offense to just 10 total points. LTD Harris is only in packs until Thursday, 12/19 at 10 am ET and is not Power Up eligible.

Check out all of this week's TOTW 15 items below:

FS - LTD Anthony Harris - 93 OVR

After helping the Vikings beat the Chargers to win, Harris scored a decent 93 OVR card. The key attributes of the item include his 94 Play Recognition, 92 Pursuit, 91 Zone Coverage, and 91 Hit Power. His card is a limited-time availability card in the packs but will be available in the auction browser.

  • 90 Man
  • 97 Zone
  • 89 Jump Ball
  • 96 Range
  • 93 Hands
  • 94 Run Support
  • 93 Physical

HB - Chris Carson (92 Hero)

The Madden 20 Team of the Week 15 Hero players are the Seahawks center Chris Carson and the Packers' defensive tackle Kenny Clark. Each of these players will receive a total of 92 TOTW HERO cards.

  • 94 Power
  • 85 Elusive
  • 70 Receiving
  • 72 Pass Protection
  • 92 Goal Line

DT - Kenny Clark (92 Hero)

Both Clark and Carson have a new Team of the Week challenge available to play. These two challenges are worth five stars each. The reward includes coins for each level. After two stars there is an annual team to collect tokens, and after six starts, there is a free team member of the week. These are time-limited challenges, so please use them whenever possible.

  • 91 3-4
  • 92 4-3
  • 77 Mobility
  • 84 Pass Rush
  • 96 Run Stuff
  • 93 Physical
The following is a complete list of Madden 20 TOTW 15 players:


  • Kenyan Drake
  • Breshad Perriman
  • Miles Sanders
  • Tony Pollard
  • Chris Conley
  • Rex Burkhead


  • Nigel Bradham
  • Jordan Phillips
  • JC Jackson
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Sean Murphy-Bunting
  • Ifeadi Odenigbo

How to get the new TOTW 15 player items?

To get Clark or Carson's Team of the Week 15 Hero cards, you need to gather a group of non-Hero players as shown below, or head to the Auction Browser to spend some Madden 20 Coins.

Players need a set of all 12 players mentioned above to attack and defend in exchange for Chris Carson or Kenny Clark TOTW Hero items. Players from Madden 20 Team of the Week 15 are available through the Ultimate Team Store or the software packs in the Auction Browser. Usually, these events are broadcast live around 3 pm on Tuesday. Eastern time.


Only this week there are two new TOTW challenges to complete. Here are the reward levels for these challenges:
  • 2 ☆- Team of the Year Token
  • 6 ☆- Gold+ TOTW Player
  • 10 ☆- 1,000 Coins
What do you think of Week 15? Get more Madden 20 updates here, including other Ultimate Team updates.


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