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The Easiest Way to Earn MUT Coins in Madden 20

The MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) coin is one of the two-game currencies in the Madden NFL 20 (the other is the number of points) and can be used to purchase items, packages, and bundles in the Madden Ultimate Team mode. Although you can get a lot of items by completing a Solo Challenges, completing a set game, or winning a head-to-head game, there are still things, such as adding a team's OVR, which can only be achieved by using MUT coins. Check out our MUT Coins Earn Guide for some helpful tips on how to get these coins. Challenges The easiest way to earn a MUT coin is to enter the game section and take part in the challenge. In the Madden NFL 20, the challenge introduces a new star-based reward system that lets you customize the difficulty level. Make sure to set the difficulty to 3-5 stars when selecting a challenge so you can win a lot of MUT coins. While this will make the challenge even more difficult, which increases the difficulty of the game, you will win more MUT co

Madden 20 Heavyweights: Kyle Juszczyk and Sheldon Rankins

On Wednesday morning, EA brought two new Heavyweights into the Ultimate Team. For a full list of heavyweight items, you can click here to view.  You can use Kyle Juszczyk and Sheldon Rankins to complete a step on this player's Power-Up item. Check out the new players and their full ratings below: Kyle Juszczyk (89OVR) Kyle Juszczyk offers a nice lead blocking option at fullback. He brought an 89 OVR to the 49ers, and he’s the best FB in the program now, as previously-released Ravens FB Patrick Ricard brought an 86 OVR. Ratings: 85 Lead Blocker 99 Rushing 80 Pass Protection 99 Receiving Sheldon Rankins (89OVR) In addition, the New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins brought 89 Play Recognition, 86 Strength and 86 Power Moves to the forefront to seek the help needed on the MUT roster. Check out his new card content below: Ratings: 84 3-4 93 4-3 79 Mobility 88 Pass Rush 89 Run Stuff 96 Physical Heavyweights can be found at the Auc

MUT 10: How to Get Randy Moss in Madden 20 Ultimate Team

The Madden 20 Ultimate Team mode launched in the latest football game a few weeks ago is in its 10th-anniversary mode. This week's MUT 10th Anniversary player is Randy Moss which the best wide receiver ever and the latest to join the program. He can be found in packs now until 10 am on Monday, September 23, Eastern Time. Here's how to get new Randy Moss MUT10 Power Up and Token items in the game. For more information on Madden 20, please visit here . If you need a refresher, click here to get an overview of the MUT 10th Anniversary Promotion. Moss has a high-rated new LTD card. Its positive overall rating is 92, with some excellent attributes, including 92 Jumping, 92 Deep Route, 91 Speed, and 90 Catching. This is the first sight of Moss' new time-limited card. 99 Vertical Threat 97 Jump Ball 95 Slot 91 Possession 74 Run Blocking 99 RAC Power Up How to get Randy Moss Power Up & MUT 10 Token Make sure to complete his Time-limited Individu

New Madden 20 Flashbacks Has Arrived In Ultimate Team

On Monday, Sep9, we brought two new members to the Madden 20 Flashbacks program. The MUT 20 Flashbacks Program adds two new players in Ultimate Team. LeSean McCoy and Jason Verrett get Madden 20 Flashbacks cards . Here’s a look at their new MUT 20 player cards, check out the new items and their ratings below: Joining this week's Madden 20 Flashbacks is a defensive star, Jason Verrett. The Corner Guards played for the San Diego (now Los Angeles) Chargers in the first four seasons and are now part of the San Francisco 49ers defense. Jason Verrett (CB) Ratings: 87 Man 97 Zone 89 Jump Ball 97 Range 93 Hands 86 Run Support 90 Physical Verrett's new MUT player project is his performance in the 14th week of 2015. As seen on the cards above, Verrett brings 88 seconds and 87 speeds in terms of acceleration, jumping, and agility. 87 area coverage is also helpful, but many players may prefer to use other options at their team's CB point. Halfback LeSean McCo