Madden 20 Heavyweights: Kyle Juszczyk and Sheldon Rankins

On Wednesday morning, EA brought two new Heavyweights into the Ultimate Team. For a full list of heavyweight items, you can click here to view.  You can use Kyle Juszczyk and Sheldon Rankins to complete a step on this player's Power-Up item. Check out the new players and their full ratings below:

Kyle Juszczyk (89OVR)

Kyle Juszczyk offers a nice lead blocking option at fullback. He brought an 89 OVR to the 49ers, and he’s the best FB in the program now, as previously-released Ravens FB Patrick Ricard brought an 86 OVR.


  • 85 Lead Blocker
  • 99 Rushing
  • 80 Pass Protection
  • 99 Receiving

Sheldon Rankins (89OVR)

In addition, the New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins brought 89 Play Recognition, 86 Strength and 86 Power Moves to the forefront to seek the help needed on the MUT roster. Check out his new card content below:


  • 84 3-4
  • 93 4-3
  • 79 Mobility
  • 88 Pass Rush
  • 89 Run Stuff
  • 96 Physical

Heavyweights can be found at the Auction House, or you can purchase 2,470 training in the store's heavyweight suit, which will give you more than 86 heavyweight player items. So if you want to improve your strength, please visit our website to learn how to get Madden 20 Coins to increase your game funding.

What are your thoughts on Juszczyk and Rankins? For more news and updates on Madden 20, click here to view.


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