The Easiest Way to Earn MUT Coins in Madden 20

The MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) coin is one of the two-game currencies in the Madden NFL 20 (the other is the number of points) and can be used to purchase items, packages, and bundles in the Madden Ultimate Team mode. Although you can get a lot of items by completing a Solo Challenges, completing a set game, or winning a head-to-head game, there are still things, such as adding a team's OVR, which can only be achieved by using MUT coins. Check out our MUT Coins Earn Guide for some helpful tips on how to get these coins.


The easiest way to earn a MUT coin is to enter the game section and take part in the challenge. In the Madden NFL 20, the challenge introduces a new star-based reward system that lets you customize the difficulty level. Make sure to set the difficulty to 3-5 stars when selecting a challenge so you can win a lot of MUT coins. While this will make the challenge even more difficult, which increases the difficulty of the game, you will win more MUT coins and other items than if you challenge it at a lower level of difficulty. It doesn't make sense to try to grind at a level of difficulty that you can't win. You need to choose a level of difficulty that can be beatable.


Resist the temptation to waste your MUT coin purchase package, because you will lose more money and lose the most. This is an addictive habit that is hard to break. The only time you should consider buying a package is when you make a packaging promotion at EA, you can be sure to get some decent things from it.

Auction House

To make a huge profit, you should visit the auction house, because here you will find the best price, which will help you make a lot of MUT coins. What you need to do is look for good deals and buy. Even if you don't want to buy the card yourself, you can still buy a card that the player sells cheaply, and then flip it at a higher price at a later time. If there is no good offer, you need to wait patiently for the bargaining bid; otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of going to the auction house.

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  3. Assuming you need to prevail in Madden Ultimate Group, you should invest a ton of energy to get enough Mut 22 Coins, which requires incorporating your group. In the event that you would prefer not to purchase through cash, it implies you need to dominate the match. Particularly Madden 22 is going to be delivered. At the point when you just have a limited quantity of MUT 22 Coins, your group will be powerless. This is truly challenging. Hence, it is extremely important to get ready enough MUT coins ahead of time.

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  4. As part of its early access for Madden NFL 22 announcement, EA calls attention to some of the content available to EA Play subscribers. Specifically mentioned are exclusive Madden Ultimate Team challenges that will disappear on August 20 when the full game arrives. Completing these EA Play challenges will reward players with 1000 Mut 22 coins, a Tom Brady or Patrick Maholmes Power Up Pack, an Elite 80+ OVR WR Fantasy Pack, and an exclusive EA Play Power Up piece of art.

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