Madden 20 NFL Free Agency Part 2 Player: Tom Brady and Byron Jones Upgraded Items

mut free agents master

NFL free agency has started, and now it comes to Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). This is a great option for MUT players after the disappointing NFL Combine promotion. Visit our Madden NFL Free Agency Part 1 to see which players were in the first group.

On Wednesday, March 25th, EA will officially release Madden 20 NFL Free Agents Part 2 in the Ultimate Team. These include many new high-rated player cards. Some of the best cards will include Byron Jones and the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. See below for more details on the new items available now.

Football fans now know that Tom Brady will no longer wear his traditional Patriot color scheme. Instead, he moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for warmer weather and the opportunity to show his ability to lead another team to the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady 99 OVR QB

Madden 20 NFL Free Agency Part 2 Tom Brady

His Madden 20 NFL Free Agency card shows that Brady is still wearing a Patriot jersey, but reflects some good upgrade stats. Of course, it also has other options, including a Power-Up option to take Brady to the full 99 OVR.

  • 99 Accuracy Short
  • 99 Mid
  • 97 Play Action
  • 94 Throw Power
  • 92 Throw Accuracy Deep

Byron Jones 98 OVR CB 

Madden 20 NFL Free Agency Part 2 Byrom Jones

Another high-rated card shown on Twitter before content dropped on Wednesday was Byron Jones. The overall rating of the new Miami Dolphins Cape Guard is 98. Although his business card shows that he is with his previous team, he also recently went to Florida.

  • 99 Agility
  • 99 Jumping
  • 98 Press
  • 98 Zone Coverage
  • 97 Acceleration
Brady is the new Madden 20 NFL Free Agency Master item in Part 2. Jones is likely to be one of the cards needed to acquire Brady. All new cards arriving on Wednesday are available through Madden Pack, Store Offers and auction houses. Start saving mut coins for these new cards!

Other New cards include Bell and Gordon

Of course, these are just the two players shown in Part 2. Other players include RT Bryan Bulaga (96 OVR), SS Vonn Bell (96 OVR), WR Robby Anderson (96 OVR) and HB Melvin Gordon III (96 OVR).

From Wednesday, March 25th, they will all join the Ultimate Team. Click here to see our Madden news page for more recent updates.


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