Madden 20 Super Bowl MVP: 99 OVR Patrick Mahomes Card Available in Ultimate Team

Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions! On Sunday night, it was Madden 20 cover athlete Patrick Mahomes guiding his team to a second-half comeback. With all that said, Mahomes and the Chiefs won the Lombardi Trophy with a 31-20 victory. Here's the latest news from the big game, and what the Madden 20 video game means.

Your Super Bowl LIV MVP has arrived at Madden Ultimate Team! Patrick Mahomes improved the Chiefs' offense in the fourth quarter, scoring three consecutive times and winning a comeback victory in the 49ers 31-20. Compared to his 94 OVR Ghosts of Madden Present item, MVP Mahomes can now gain the following skills: Escape Artist, No-Look Deadeye, Fastbreak, Gunslinger, and QB Playmaker.  Check out the Super Bowl MVP Mahomes and his full rating below:

99 OVR Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

  • 99 Mobile Passer
  • 99 Pocket Passer
  • 99 Deep Ball
  • 99 West Coast
  • 93 Scramble

The Chiefs achieved a second-half comeback victory thanks to third-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The most valuable player in the former league was 26 of 42 with 286 passing touchdowns, 29 rush yards, and 1 TD. The Madden cover girl made history by becoming the youngest quarterback ever and also winning the Super Bowl MVP award. To commemorate his performance, the new Madden 20 Super Bowl MVP card will be launched in the game on Monday, February 3, 2020. If you want to Buy cheap Madden 20 Coins, don't forget that has the cheapest price and the most complete service.

Madden 20 also has special Super Bowl Predictor tokens in large tournaments. These enable players to predict all aspects of large games. Players will receive a certain amount of Madden coins to make correct predictions. Here are some of these predictions:

  • Coin toss result: Tails
  • 49ers score first
  • First TD scored – the field
  • Tyreek Hill 77-plus yards
  • Chiefs win
  • Patrick Mahomes MVP

To get the Madden 20 Super Bowl MVP card, gamers will need to put together a set. You can acquire MVP Mahomes by turning in Super Bowl Present Masters Tyreek Hill and Richard Sherman and 2x Super Bowl Past Masters to earn the 99 OVR Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. Also, gamers get both NAT Present Masters players and a choice of either of Past Masters player's NAT.

What are your thoughts on MVP Patrick Mahomes? Click here to visit our Madden News page for more latest game updates.


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