Madden 20 Tributes Cards: Antonio Gates, Luke Kuechly, and New Legends

The recent retirement news involving Carolina Panthers defensive star Luke Kuechly shocked the sports world. In honor of two legendary NFL and Madden careers, EA has released Madden 20 Tribute items for Antonio Gates and Luke Kuechly! Both Gates and Kuechly can be found in packs for a limited time until 1/20 at 10 am ET. Check out both Madden 20 Tributes below:

TE Antonio Gates- 97

Antonio Gates announced his retirement on January 14 after playing for the Lightning from 2003 to 2018. In honor of his retirement, his Madden 20 Tribute card brings a 97 overall rating. The item also features 97 Catching, 96 Catch in Traffic, 94 Spectacular Catch, and 90 Short Route Run. The speed is 87, but there is the possibility of Power Up, and MUT gamers can help him.

  • 93 Pass Protection
  • 86 Run Blocking
  • 99 Red Zone
  • 99 Receiving
  • 98 Vertical Threat

MLB Luke Kuechly - 97

Kuechly won Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2012, then went on to win Defensive Player of the Year in 2013. Luke finished with 1,092 total tackles over his 8-year career in the NFL. His new 97 OVR Madden 20 Tribute card brings plenty of great attributes. They include a stellar 98 Play Recognition, 96 Tackle, 94 Hit Power, 92 Acceleration, and 89 Speed. Just like Gates's business card, Kuechly also has Power Up possibilities.

  • 97 Run Stuff
  • 89 Pass Rush
  • 97 Range
  • 98 Coverage
  • 97 Hands
  • 95 Physical

How to get the new Kuechly and Gates items

The Madden 20 Tribute cards are a limited-time availability deal when it comes to them being inside packs, but no specific Tribute packs. The other option to get these players is by spending quite a bit of Madden 20 Coins at the Auctions Browser. If you want to Buy MUT 20 Coins, don't forget that has the cheapest price and the most complete service.

Another round of Legends entered Ultimate Team today, featuring Demaryius Thomas, Bobby Wagner, and LTD Jon Runyan. Check out today's latest Legends items below:
  • Demaryius Thomas Legends Boss
  • Bobby Wagner Legends Boss

  • Jon Runyan LTD Legends Boss
After completing the Legend challenge, you can get the Power Up version of each legend. Boss Thomas and Boss Wagner can be obtained by completing a combination that requires 5 corresponding non-Boss player items. LTD Jon Runyan can only pack to 1/20 before 10 am EST, and since he is a time-limited player, he has a quick sell value of 250,000 mut coins.

What do you think of today's Madden 20 Tributes and the latest Legends? Click here to visit our Madden 20 news page for more latest game updates.


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