The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament Semis: Players Include Tyreek Hill and Derwin James

The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament went was held on Wednesday night, with 8 NFL stars fighting. Four players won and entered the semi-finals, which will result in a championship matchup. Competitors in the semi-finals include Super Bowl champion Tyreek Hill and recent Madden Invitational champ Derwin James.

Just this past weekend, the Los Angeles Lightning star Derwin James used his early claims as to the winner of the Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament. That's because James took down Madden cover star Michael Vick in the event hosted by FOX and televised on FS1. He not only defeated the Madden legend but James obliterated Vick by putting up 80 points on the virtual scoreboard.

Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament

The celebrity field of the invitational tournament includes former players. However, the Checkdown tournament that would benefit from COVID-19 relief only provides current NFL stars. After the first round on Wednesday night, eight players entered and only four remained.

In the first game, the Browns teammates Denzel Ward and Jarvis Landry competed. Ward won 10-9 in the tense game between Houston Texans and Browns against Landry. In the second game, Tyreek Hill destroyed Tyrann Mathieu. Ironically, Hill used the Chicago Bears and defeated Mathieu (Chief) 62-32.

The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament Semis

In the third game, there were technical difficulties. The 49ers' Deebo Samuel encountered problems when participating in the competition, so Desean Jackson eventually won W by default. Jackson used the Hawks as his choice. In the fourth and final matchup, Devin James won, but not as big as he defeated Vick. James used the Seahawks to defeat the Ravens and defeated teammate Keen Allen 14-6.

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Semifinal Matchup Time

Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament Semifinal Matchup Time

In the semifinals were Derwin James (Chargers), Denzel Ward (Brown), DeSean Jackson (Eagles) and Tyreek Hill (Chiefs). The game will include Ward vs. Hill and Jackson vs. James. The two semifinals winners will compete for The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament title.

Viewers can watch the semifinals and finals from 6 pm. Thursday, April 2, Eastern Time. Visit the Twitch EA Madden NFL channel to watch all live streaming online. The end of the game is expected to last three hours.

Which of the four NFL stars will win the championship? Click here to visit our Madden news page for more latest updates.


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