Madden 20 Most Important Thresholds List

For many new Madden players, many people may not understand what is "thresholds," you've come to the right place.

Madden 20 Most Important Thresholds List

What is the Threshold?

The idea that certain players will get elite or better animations when certain stats meet certain thresholds. So, for example, an edge rusher that has a 90 power move stat should get better shedding animations when pressuring a QB vs a card with 89 power move stat.

As we discussed, one of the 3 pillars to MUT gameplay is Thresholds. Thresholds are the part of the game code that unlocks different animations and abilities for players, and they are based on players' stat ratings in specific categories. What's important to remember about thresholds is that once a player hits a threshold for a stat/animation/ability – anything above and beyond that is only going to be an incremental difference.

For example, the Big Hitter trait will be unlocked at the 90 Hit Power (POW) level. This is very important for causing fumbles, so it is crucial to make players with LB and safety factors at POW equal to or greater than 90.

Madden 20 Thresholds

In the later stages of the game, a pile of cards has a high rating. You really want to get better stats, but as long as they reach the threshold, this is not very important.

Below is a list of the most important Thresholds in Madden 20 :


  • Beat Press – 90
  • Route Running – Tiers start at 75, Elite unlocks at 90


  • Carrying – if your Carry rating is 20 points below the defender's Tackle rating, you're likely to get stripped/fumble.
  • Weight – you're likely to get a "fall forward" animation if your rusher is 20 lbs heavier than the tackler (your rusher must be at least 190 lbs for this to take effect).
  • Break Tackle – 90
  • Spin Move tiers: 65, 79, 88
  • Stiff Arm tiers: 65, 78, 90
  • Juke tiers: 65, 78, 90
  • Trucking tiers: 65, 78, 90
  • Hurdle tiers: 65, 78, 90
  • Dive tiers: 65, 78, 90


  • Awareness: must be at least 89 for "enhanced targeting" of the proper defender. 99 Awareness gives you a 100% chance of proper blocking targeting (this also applies to other blockers – TE, WR, HB, FB)
  • Weight: max weight that makes any modifier effective is 350 lbs
  • Pass Block: 92 enhances the effectiveness
  • Run Block: 89 and above triggers full bonuses for everything except Win %


  • Cannot break a sack if the defender has 99 tackle
  • Short Accuracy: 80
  • Medium Accuracy: 85
  • Deep Accuracy: 90
  • Play Action: 90


  • Press: 90
  • Man Coverage: 90
  • Curl Zone tiers: 60, 70, 75, 80
  • Flat Zone tiers: 60, 70, 75, 80
  • Deep Zone tiers: 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90
  • Hook Zone tiers: 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90


  • Hit Power: 75 minimum to hit the stick, Medium hitter at 80, Big hitter at 90
  • Weight modifier is maxed at +/- 40 in weight (i.e. a 60-lb weight difference gives the same modifier as a 40-lb weight difference)
  • QB sacks: QB cannot break a sack at 99 tackle
  • Strip ball: 90+ tackle and 20 rating difference between Carrying & Tackle

Madden 20 Thresholds

So, basically, any other statistic that isn't listed as a threshold (speed, agility, play recognition, etc.) do get incrementally better the higher you go, and you want these ratings to be as high as possible.

Let's take a look at an example of the Night Train Lane 98 Theme Diamonds 2 card:

  • Man – 93 (over threshold)
  • Zone – 97 (over threshold)
  • Hit Power – 95
  • Press – 94 (over threshold)
  • 95 Agility, 94 Speed, 94 Acceleration, so on and so forth

This guy exceeds all the significant thresholds, and he hits like a Safety or a Linebacker – likely a CB that can stay in your lineup through the end of the year.

This threshold information will help you when you try to decide who will wear it on the team and how much Madden coins will cost you to reach your squad.

Remember, it's all about putting your plan, your team, and our playbook together and making them work as a whole. For more news and guides about Madden, visit here.


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