Madden 20 Golden Tickets Week 3: J. Jones, Z. Gentry, and FS C. Johnson

On Thursday, April 23, more of the Madden 20 Golden Ticket players were officially released into the game. For Week 3 of Golden Tickets, EA has released Julio Jones, Zach Gentry, and Free Safety Calvin Johnson. The program allows gamers to create their ideal MUT player, and the results tend to be "endgame" style cards with 99 overall ratings. The best way to get any of the following sick cards is to spend a lot of hard-earned Madden coins.

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Golden Tickets are not Power Up eligible but allow you to choose Team Chemistry based on all the teams they played in their careers. For the remainder of the year, all Golden Tickets will remain packs for sale, increasing the chance of pulling them out within the first 48 hours. See all of today's Golden Tickets and their full ratings below:

This week's group is no different, and Julio Jones's Golden Ticket always a community favorite at WR. Gamers can unlock Deep Threat and Route Runner for abilities.

Madden 20 Golden Tickets Julio Jones

WR Julio Jones
  • 99 Vertical Threat
  • 98Jump Ball
  • 99 Slot
  • 98 Possession
  • 81 Run Blocking
  • 97 RAC
Just entering the breakout rookie season, Zach Gentry scored 1 catch for 4 yards, he hopes to provide some much-needed depth in the TE position for the Steelers theme teamers. His rookie campaign didn't exactly light up stats sheets or Fantasy Football. He can get a Blocking and Vertical Threat for unlockable abilities.

Madden 20 Golden Tickets Zach Gentry

TE Zach Gentry
  • 93 Pass Protection
  • 92 Run Blocking
  • 98 Red Zone
  • 99 Receiving
  • 99 Vertical Threat
Today, FS Calvin Johnson's Golden Ticket items have greatly promoted the love of another community. The pressing Zach Gentry can also get a good upgrade card through the Golden Tickets program. However, Megatron is a free safety measure to keep him on the defense.

Madden 20 Golden Tickets Calvin Johnson

FS Calvin Johnson
  • 94 Man
  • 99 Zone
  • 99 Jump Ball
  • 99 Range
  • 99 Hands
  • 99 Run Support
  • 99 Physical
How to Get the New Player Items?

Players can find Madden 20 Golden Ticket player items in various packs or store offers. Within the first 48 hours of issuance, these three cards are more likely to appear.

Checking out auction listings, we've seen prices of 7.5 Million Coins for that Jones card on Xbox One. Johnson is just a bit cheaper at 7.1 million Coins. Gentry is an "affordable" four million Coins for PS4 and Xbox listings.

New Madden 20 Golden Ticket players will join the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. This will bring potential future stars to the league and the game. If you are still worried about the lack of Coins, you can consider going to U4GM to buy MUT coins Madden 20.

What is your opinion on today's Golden Tickets? For more Madden news updates, click here.


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