Madden 20 Ultimate New Legends Player Revealed: Randall Cunningham and Willie Brown

Group 10 of the Madden 20 Ultimate Legends program was dropped on Saturday, March 28. The legends program of Group 9 can be viewed here.  For the latest game in Madden 20's Ultimate Legends program, gamers will have a choice among quarterbacks, cornerbacks, and middle linebacker.

The former leader of Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 10 is former Philadelphia Eagles QB Randall Cunningham, who provided another mobile pass to the MUT roster. In addition, defensive stars Willie Brown and Willie Lanier are mixed. These cards are available through packs, store offers, and can also be purchased using MUT coins at auction houses.

Every weekend, EA's Madden 20 Ultimate Team attracts three new Ultimate Legends players. These include career evaluation cards with an overall rating of 98, with outstanding key attributes. By combining the other five“non-Career Edition" cards, two of these players can be used. In terms of getting groups of cards, the other player is a Limited Availability Player (LTD).

For LTD players this week, there is Willie Brown (below). Not bad at all to defend passes and go for those pick-six plays!

98 CB Willie Brown

  • 97 Man Coverage
  • 96 Zone Coverage
  • 96 Press
  • 96 Play Recognition
  • 94 Speed

MUT 20 Legends Willie Brown

The Madden 20 Ultimate Legends in group 10 is Randall Cunningham. Cunningham's throwing power, throwing accuracy and throwing accuracy brought 97 points. There were also 93 throws under pressure and 92 for Play Action and Speed. Many people in the community are waiting to see more statistics, especially his agility level.

MUT 20 Legends Randall Cunningham

Last but not least is Willie Lanier at middle linebacker.

98 MLB Willie Lanier

  • 97 Block Shedding
  • 97 Hit Power
  • 97 Play Recognition
  • 96 Tackle
  • 90 Speed
  • 89 Strength

MUT 20 Legends Willie Lanier

Players of the new version of Madden 20 Ultimate Legends are usually used on the Ultimate Team on Saturdays after 11 AM Eastern Time. At that time, both professional and non-professional cards could be purchased in packs. They are also starting to appear in Auction listings at different prices.

In addition, Willie Lanier and Randall Cunningham will launch a new ultimate challenge to earn madden coins and their Power-Up items. Two other challenges will give gamers a free Ultimate Legends player and another Collectible Token to get a free NAT Career Edition Ultimate Legends player.

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