Madden 20 Ultimate Legends: Otto Graham, Kevin Greene, and LTD Gale Sayers

With the NFL season over,  a new round of Ultimate Legends was released in Ultimate Team, including Otto Graham, Kevin Greene, and LTD Gale Sayers. Click here to see previous Ultimate legends K. Winslow and R. Lewis. In the Ultimate Legends program, gamers are getting high-rated cards for all-time greats. Take on each of today's non-LTD Ultimate Legends to earn a Skill Position player and their Power Up Player items. 

These Ultimate Legends sets require all 5x non-Boss versions to complete. See all of our latest items below:

97 OVR QB Otto Graham

Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Otto Graham

Legendary Otto Graham offers gamers new quarterback options. His card brings 96 Throw Accuracy Deep for some great passes down the field to pass well to a capable receiver. You also have the option to Power Up and add abilities or Chemistry.

  • 95 Mobile Passer
  • 95 Pocket Passer
  • 97 Deep Ball
  • 93 West Coast
  • 89 Scramble
97 OVR LOLB Kevin Greene

Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Kevin Greene

Left outside linebacker  Kevin Green has played for the Rams for eight years. Like Graham, there are options to add abilities, chemistry, and a Power-Up.

  • 99 3-4
  • 88 4-3
  • 94 Range
  • 99 Pass Rush
  • 83 Coverage
  • 78 Hands
  • 97 Run Stuff
  • 99 Physical
Graham and Greene each have a Boss Edition (97 OVR), 2x Game Editions (93-95 OVR), and 3x Skill Editions (87-89 OVR).

97 OVR LTD HB Gale Sayers

Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Gale Sayers

Previous Madden Legends release Gale Sayers is this weekend’s limited-availability card for packs.

  • 91 Power
  • 97 Elusive
  • 83 Receiving
  • 70 Pass Protection
  • 79 Goal Line
How to get the new cards in Ultimate Team?

To get Otto Graham or Kevin Greene, you need a set of five other lower-rated non-Career Edition cards. These cards can be purchased through packaging or store offers and at auction houses. If you don't have enough coins, you can visit U4GM to buy cheap MUT coins. In addition, both players have new Ultimate Legends Challenges, which players can play to earn coins and their Power-Up cards.

Gale Sayers Card is only available through Madden 20 Packs, store offers, and auction houses. Please note that auction prices may be high.

In addition to player challenges, there are new challenges to get random Ultimate Legends player cards and favorite tokens.

What do you think of the latest Ultimate Legends? Visit our Madden News page here for more latest game updates.


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