Madden 20 Legends: Patrick Surtain, Andre Reed, and LTD Matt Birk

On Saturday, November 16, three new Madden 20 Legends arrived, for players to buy a variety of cards. The latest legends today are Patrick Surtain, Andre Reed and LTD Matt Birk. Surtain is a solid press-man cornerback option. If you are looking for a WR, check out Andre Reed and his 90+ ratings in all 3 popular categories. Matt Birk's latest work is a strong case to the best center currently available in the Ultimate Team. See below for details of all new items and their full ratings:

Patrick Surtain (93 OVR CB)


  • 99 Man
  • 93 Zone
  • 88 Jump Ball
  • 97 Range
  • 91 Hands
  • 92 Run Support
  • 93 Physical

As can be seen from the picture, as the season progresses, the overall ratings keep getting better. Matt Birk's Madden 20 Legends card is 94 OVRs, while Reed and Surtain get 93 OVRs. All three also include various Power Up and Chemistry options in front.

Andre Reed (93 OVR WR)


  • 94 Vertical Threat
  • 99 Jump Ball
  • 99 Slot
  • 98 Possession
  • 97 Run Blocking
  • 95 RAC

LTD Matt Birk (94 OVR C)


  • 99 Run Blocking
  • 99 Pass Blocking
  • 94 Mobility
  • 88 Bulldozer

In particular, the Matt Birk LTD card is now the best center for the Madden Ultimate Team. Before this release, many gamers might use Kevin Mawae on the spot. Players may choose other Legends players, depending on the team theme of their MUT team.

How to get these new Legends items?

To get the Madden 20 Legends cards, you must land in packs or auctions. Each player's Power Up version can be obtained by completing a solo challenge. LTD Matt Birk only played this weekend because he is a time-limited player. Depending on the player and card, they may have to spend a lot of Madden 20 Coins.

Andre Reed and Patrick Surtain have six different Legends cards, including the Boss Legends shown above. To get a Reed or Surtain Boss Legends card, you need to combine the other five "non-Boss" Madden 20 Legends cards. For example, Andre Reed's set includes his 85, 86, 87, 89, and 91 total cards, as shown below:

What do you think of the latest legends of today? See more of Madden 20 news, including our ultimate team update, click here.


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