Madden 20 Legends: Clinton Portis and Ed Too Tall Jones, LTD Item

EA released a new round of Legends today with Clinton Portis, Ed Too Tall Jones. However, there is also a new limited Legends item available for former Green Bay Packers star Donald Driver. Donald Drive provides a significant upgrade over his Theme Diamonds item. Check out today's new items and their ratings below:

Portis combines speed, elusiveness and the ability to break tackles at halfback. Too Tall added another reliable option on the left, with statistics comparable to the Most Feared Calais Campbell at the position. These games can be packaged and purchased, in which players can get five different cards for each player to group together. After completing this setup, it will win a Boss Legends item for the player.

Clinton Portis (92 HB)

Clinton Portis' career data includes 113 games, of which 2,230 carries can bring 9,923 yards and 75 touchdowns. This is his new 92 OVR Boss Legends card. It includes 91 acceleration, 90 speeds, 90 agility, and 88 elusiveness, offering a good central defender option.


  • 92 Power
  • 97 Elusive
  • 74 Receiving
  • 96 Pass Protection
  • 80 Goal Line

Ed Too Tall Jones (92 LE)

Left end Ed Too Tall Jones, his new item is also 92 OVR in general and has Power Up like Portis. The main attributes of Jones on the card include 92 Block Shedding, 91 Strength, and 90s for both Tackle and Power Moves.


  • 97 3-4
  • 96 4-3
  • 71 Mobility
  • 96 Pass Rush
  • 96 Coverage
  • 97 Run Stuff
  • 97 Physical

Donald Driver (93 WR LTD)

They also unveiled the LTD Legends item for the Super Bowl and dancing with star champion Donald Driver. The LTD card of the previous Packers-class receiver is the Power Up of Green Bay Chemistry. The driver has 91 for Deep Route Runs, 90 for speed, 90 for catching up, and 90 for Spectactural Catch, which is another good for Randy Moss, Julio Jones, and Tory Holt on MUT rosters.


  • 95 Vertical Threat
  • 89 Jump Ball
  • 94 Slot
  • 94 Possession
  • 93 Run Blocking
  • 93 RAC

In addition to the Boss Legends card and other cards for these players in packs, new challenges will be offered. One challenge is for Clinton Portis and other Ed too tall Jones. Completing this challenge involves defeating the player's current team, and Portis and Jones play for them. After defeating the team, you'll earn a Power-Up card for that player as well as Coins.

Limited items usually remain in packs for two or three days, which means that the item will then enter the auction area of ​​the Madden 20 Ultimate Team. Based on the key attributes that this card brings to the scene, Donald Droy’s new item will carry a high price in terms of Madden 20 Coins.  If you want to gamble on packs and need more, we sell cheap Madden 20 coins, and you can get it here.

What are your thoughts on today's latest Legends? With the MUT update, get more of the latest Madden 20 news or guides, click here.


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