Madden 20 Most Feared Mode is Coming

With the arrival of Ray Lewis, Madden Ultimate Team's "Most Feared" plan began. When it comes to the most feared players in the NFL, no one on the football field is more horrible than Ray Lewis. That's why the former Baltimore Ravens' guard is the highlight of the "Most Feared" player of the Madden 20 Ultimate Team (MUT) this year.

The Most Feared program will start at 4:30 pm. and introduces new limited-time events, as well as a series of special players, divided into four categories: Scary Strong, Scary Fast, Scary Sharp, and something new called Cauldron Masters.

As always, you need to complete the challenge, which will bring you rewards such as Team Captain Token, Bats, Most Feared Fantasy Packs, and more. We list each character in these categories and their ratings below.

Scary Strong Players

  • Star Lotulelei – DT – 77 OVR
  • Will Dissly – TE – 79 OVR
  • Tremain Edmunds – MLB – 81 OVR
  • Marcus Cannon – RT – 85 OVR
  • Jonathan Allen – RE – 88 OVR
  • (Hero) Cam Newton – QB – 92 OVR
- 82 Speed
- 90 Throw Power
- 88 Accuracy Shor
- 85 Accuracy Mid
- 82 Accuracy Deep
- 90 Throw on the Run
- 94 Play Action)

Scary Fast Players

  • Jakeem Grant – WR – 79 OVR (91 Speed)
  • Shaquem Griffin – ROLB – 77 OVR (85 Speed)
  • Tevin Coleman – HB – 85 OVR (89 Speed)
  • Dante Fowler Jr. – ROLB – 81 OVR (80 Speed)
  • Jabrill Peppers – SS – 88 OVR (86 Speed)
  • (Hero) Tyler Lockett - WR – 92 OVR 

- 90 Speed
- 93 Catching
- 86 CIT
- 84 Short Route
- 97 Medium Route
- 90 Deep Route)

Scary Sharp Players

  • Jacoby Brissett – QB – 77 OVR
  • Karl Joseph  – SS – 79 OVR
  • J.R. Sweezy – LG – 81 OVR
  • Nickell Robey-Coleman – CB – 85 OVR
  • Brian Winters – RG – 88 OVR
  • Earl Thomas III – FS – 92 OVR

- 93 Play Recognition
- 94 Zone Coverage
- 86 Speed
-88 Acceleration
- 80 Man Coverage
- 85 Hit Power)

Cauldron Masters Players

  • Michael Thomas – WR – 91 OVR (85 Speed, 92 Catching, 91 CIT, 90 Spec Catch, 91 Short Route, 89 Medium Route, 84 Deep Route)

  • Anthony Barr – LOLB – 90 OVR (84 Speed, 85 Acceleration, 89 Tackle, 89 Play Recognition, 83 Block Shedding)

  • Vita Vea – DT – 89 OVR (93 Strength, 77 Acceleration, 84 Tackle, 84 Block Shedding, 80 Power Moves)

  • Ray Lewis – MLB – 93 OVR (87 Speed, 87 Acceleration, 82 Tackle, 92 Play Recognition, 89 BLock Shedding, 87 Strength, 92 Hit Power)

Haunted House Rules (Monster Players LTD Time Event) will run for a full week until the second part of the Most Feared release. Each victory will bring you a Cauldron Pack containing the materials that make the Most Feared player in football. See who will be the Most Feared player in the Madden 20 Ultimate Team.

Ray Lewis' Master item available with set

Ray Lewis' Most Feared Master item is the top available card with this first reveal of players. Lewis's card is generally 93 OVR. To get the Ray Lewis MF Master, you need 92 sets of OVR Cam Newton, Tyler Lockett and Earl Thomas III Hero products in the promotion mentioned above.

By trading in Newton, Locke, and Thomas, players can get the most feared items of the 93 OVR Ray Lewis shown above. In addition, gamers will also receive all three NAT versions of the set (Newton, Locke, Thomas) and Ray Lewis Power-Up items.

A new currency Bats & Cauldron Masters

As part of the Madden 20 Most Feared program, a new currency is available in the game. Since this is a Halloween theme, it is natural that the "bat" is a new form of currency.

Players can use bats to buy Most Feared Packs, random players, skill items or materials in the store. With this in mind, the store offers many new items, including Most Feared Packs, Bundles, Skill Materials, and Uniforms. They are available for Points, Madden Coins, and Bats.

There are three Cauldron Masters players with a 91 OVR Michael Thomas (WR, Saints), 90 OVR Anthony Barr (LOLB, Vikings), and 89 OVR Vita Vea (DT, Buccaneers).

To get the player, you need to assemble the player's border, background, and collection of player image items. Players can get these items randomly through the Cauldron Challenge or Haunted House rules. They will also be in the Auction House and Trade block.

Most Feared Challenges: Cauldron & Pun Zone

There are two new types of Madden 20 Most Feared challenges. The Cauldron Challenge provides gamers with 10 opportunities each day to get the most feared items or other items for Cauldron Master sets. Players who win each game will receive a reward, but only try 10 times a day. The total number of attempts in a day is less than 10 times.

There are also Pun Zone Challenges. These people earn coins and bats to complete the game. The challenge expires on Friday, November 1 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

That is everything you need to know about all of the most feared players and their ratings in Madden 20. If you need Madden 20 coins, please visit our website

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