How to Get Patrick Willis MUT Power Up and MUT10 Token

To celebrate the second week of the MUT 10th Anniversary Celebration, they will release new star players every Friday. EA has released Patrick Willis, one of the most popular linebackers in the history of the community! This year he will return to the ultimate team in a major way, and can now start at 10 am on Monday, Monday, Eastern Time. Be sure to complete his limited time solo challenge before expiration to get his Power-Up project and MUT 10 Collectible.

For those trying to add him to MUT rosters, here's how to get the new Patrick Willis items in Madden 20 Ultimate Team.

Here's a look at his Madden Ultimate Team 10 card featuring 91 OVR rating with that hard-hitting 90 for Hit Power, 88 Play Recognition, and 86 Speed.

Patrick Willis (MLB)

  • 95 Run Stuff
  • 99 Pass Rush
  • 99 Range
  • 90 Coverage
  • 86 Hands
  • 99 Physical

The card will be available starting at 10 am Eastern Time on September 2. The market for Willis 91 OVR cards is already high. This item quick sells for 250,000 coins. Use this item to complete a step on the Patrick Willis Power Up player item.

Power Up

-Use Training and Items to upgrade this player's OVR and add Chemistry slots.

At the same time, Patrick Willis also has a Power-Up card that gamers can access and upgrade to an elite MUT card. It's great to use a Power-Up card in your squad before getting other essential items to get an elite card. Let's see how to get his Power Up, MUT10 tokens.

To get the Madden 20 Patrick Willis Power Up card, you need to enter the Ultimate Team mode. Select Madden 20 Ultimate Team 10 Challenges on the screen. It is located under "Tasks" and is called "Limited Time: MUT 10". You will be able to enter the Patrick Willis Challenge area, as shown below.

MUT 10 Limited time challenge: Complete this challenge to earn a Patrick Willis base Power Up, MUT10 Token and Coins

Here are the rewards for each number of Stars earned. If you need more madden 20 mut coins, you can come to the trusted RMT supplier on the market. However, once you get three stars to get Power Up and Collectible Token, it seems to be able to play a challenge.

  1. One Star = Patrick Willis Power Up / 500x Coins
  2. Two stars = 500x coins
  3. Three stars = MUT10 token / 700x coin
  4. Four stars = 700x coins
  5. Five stars = 700x coins

The other great option is to buy madden 20 mut coins from the trusted RMT suppliers in the market. If you've got the Coins to spend and want them, then certainly make those moves.

For an overview of the Madden 20, click here. For those of you who use the MLB, will you be picking up Willis to lurk passes and stuff the run?


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