Madden 20 Bowl: Joke Defeats DCroft to Become Madden 20 Bowl Winner

After several weeks of tournament games, including the best football video game players in the world, there is an official Madden 20 Bowl champion! It started with 16 competitors and ended up with only one champion. Joke will continue to defeat DCroft, win the latest annual championship, win glory, cash, and eventually win his own championship belt.

Four days ago, four teams started the Round Robin game in these Madden Bowl playoffs. On Saturday, it is time to reach the semifinals and finals. The top seed of Group D is DCroft. He will beat CleffTheGod, the No. 3 seed of Group C, in the 21-14 finals.

In another game, Group A No. 1 seed joke eliminated Pavan, No. 3 seed from Group A 17-9. That was a duel between DCroft in his first career EA Major Final and Joke in his second career.

The No. 1 seed's Joke finally stood out in the Madden Championship Series, shutting out DCroft 17-0 in the Madden NFL 20 Bowl to win his first championship belt and $ 65,000 in prize money.

Following his big win, Joke tweeted out his thoughts about the victory. "It's good that I got to win the tournament that before it started I knew I was going to dedicate to him," Joke said. "And it's good that I finally got the monkey off my back...I can't wait to get that trophy in the mail so I can hoist it. "

Joke finished the season ranked atop the MCS points leaderboard. Before Saturday he was No. 5 on the all-time MCS money list with $175,525 and with the highest win rate this season (87.1 percent).

Derwin James Shows off Championship Belt

Since this year's Madden 20 Bowl is held under different circumstances, this means a long-distance match. This also means that the winner cannot yet enjoy his championship belt. As part of the celebration, in addition to the Los Angeles Lightning star and Madden fan Derwin James, he also congratulated Joke and hoisted the belt in his honor. He let the champion know that he would mail that belt soon.

Jokes can beat some of the best competitors in the process of winning the championship. After advancing from the Group A Round Robin, he will beat Drini in the quarter-finals of Drini. From there, Joke continued to defeat Pawan in the semifinals and reached the finals.

madden bowl

In addition to that shiny champion belt, Jock also included his name in the history of the Madden 20 Bowl champion and maybe one of the best champions ever. Congratulations to Joke!

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