How to Watch Madden NFL 20 Bowl and Earn Twitch Packs

How to Watch Madden NFL 20 Bowl and Earn Twitch Packs

The Madden Bowl is the crowning event of the Madden Championship Series, and the game schedule officially gets going on Wednesday, May 6. Competitors will play in groups of 4 in the first week, and 12 of them will enter next week. In the end, only one player became the Madden NFL 20 champion. Since August, all the celebrities in the Madden competition have struggled to compete for one of the coveted 16 spots of this year's Madden Bowl. The first part of the game will last four days, and this weekend will end.

Tune in on Twitch, you'll be able to earn special Twitch packs every so often. With these packs, you have the opportunity to obtain a special card to add to the Ultimate Team rosters. Below are all the details about when and where to watch.

Get links to watch and view groups with competitors this year:




Broadcast Schedule

The Madden 20 Bowl schedule for group play starts on Wednesday, May 6, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

The group play portion of the Madden 20 Bowl schedule concludes this Saturday, May 9. After that, the next games will be on Thursday, May 14, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET with the Wild Card play. On Friday, May 15, are the Quarterfinals.

The Semifinals and Finals of the Madden 20 Bowl schedule take place on Saturday, May 16, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

The game will be available on the official channel of EA Madden NFL Twitch. In addition, they will be broadcast live on the ESPN app and YouTube channels.


madden 20 bowl group

  • Group A- Joke, Boogz, Volt, Pavan
  • Group B- Kiv, Moe, Drini, Millz
  • Group C- Noah, Cleff, Lil Man, Schemin
  • Group D- Henry, Rage, Wesley, DCroft

How to Earn Twitch Packs with Possible Gronk Card

madden 20 bowl rob gronkowski

During the Madden 20 Bowl schedule, gamers who link their EA account to their Twitch account will receive a "drops." These declines occurred to watch live content frequently. They will take the form of a Madden Twitch combination, similar to the benefits players get when they watch the Good Morning Madden stream on Twitch on weekdays.

However, there is a chance to snap up an extraordinary 95 OVR NAT Rob Gronkowski card for Madden Ultimate Team. This card was exposed in Good Morning Madden Twitch over the past week. You can also get the Gronk card in the Twitch Pack through the Madden Bowl Challenges currently provided by Ultimate Team.

Who do you think will become the Madden Bowl Champion this year? Share your prediction with us in the comments below. If you are interested in learning more about the game or buy cheap Madden 20 Coins, then be sure to check U4GM.


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