New Madden 20 Golden Tickets Card Released: Bo Jackson

The second round of Golden Tickets was released today by EA, Legendary two sports star Bo Jackson has returned with an endgame-style card for EA's Madden 20. Today's Golden Ticket program includes GT Bo Jackson, Robert Griffin III, and Cre' Von LeBlanc! To view the first round of GTs, click here.

For the remainder of the year, all gold tickets will remain packs for sale, increasing the chance of pulling them out within the first 48 hours. See below how to get all today's Golden Tickets and their full ratings:

99 HB Bo Jackson

Madden 20 Golden Tickets Card Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson's latest item seems to retake one of the top HB spots in the game. After obtaining the previous card in the 90s, he has now received a total of 99 OVR due to the Golden Ticket program. The most important thing is that this is the best and the best one.

The new Madden 20 Bo Jackson Golden Ticket card surpassed his best card Ghosts of Madden Past. This particular card is asking for 300,000 MUT coins on the auction list. Check out the key attributes of Madden 20 Bo Jackson Golden Ticket below.

  • 99 Power
  • 99 Elusive
  • 81 Receiving
  • 99 Pass Protection
  • 98 Goal Line
99 QB Robert Griffin III

Madden 20 Golden Tickets Card Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III's item today provides another solid mobile option at the QB position.

  • 97 Mobile Passer
  • 98 Pocket Passer
  • 97 Deep Ball
  • 98 West Coast
  • 97 Scramble
99 CB Cre' Von LeBlanc

Madden 20 Golden Tickets Card Cre' Von LeBlanc

Cre' Von LeBlanc is a bit of a surprise but will help bolster theme team secondaries for the Bears, Lions, and Eagles with all of those 99 ratings.

  • 99 Man
  • 99 Zone
  • 86 Jump Ball
  • 96 Range
  • 89 Hands
  • 99 Run Support
  • 97 Physical
Where to get the new Bo Jackson item in Ultimate Team?

Jackson is the latest Golden Ticket player in the game. Previous releases included high-powered cards for Michael Vick and Troy Polamalu. Unfortunately, this means that other gamers will be at the mercy of a few choices for these game cards.

It is expected that the price of Bo Jackson's new card will be similar to that of Vick because he will become the most popular central defender in the game. Once it starts popping up for sale, we can see that it is sold for 3-4 million Madden coins.

Golden Tickets does not qualify for Power Up but allows you to choose Team Chemistry based on all the teams they played in their careers. For the remainder of the year, all Golden Tickets will remain packs for sale, increasing the chance of pulling them out within the first 48 hours.

If you need more Madden coins 20 to determine the GTs, you can visit here.

Will you add today's latest Golden Tickets to your squad? Please visit our Madden news page for more latest game updates.


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